Social Media Policy

About us

Carpet World Australia Pty Ltd ACN 004 979 140 (us, we, our) is a specialist flooring supplier. Through our Carpet World stores offer customers a range of high-quality flooring products including carpet, carpet tiles, engineered timber, vinyl, hybrid, laminate and more, along with assistance in choosing the right flooring option.


We have set up social media sites to promote our products and services and facilitate engagement with our customers.

Social Media refers broadly to any online media which allows for user participation, interaction, or publishing. Commonly used social media tools include but are not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, weblogs, forums and discussion boards and wikis.

We encourage our customers to interact with content published on our pages, including by liking and reacting, commenting, sharing, and joining any discussion.

We expect though that users will behave respectfully and will not post or share any inappropriate or objectionable material.

Inappropriate or objectionable material

Inappropriate or objectionable material includes but is not limited to material which:

  • is intended to, (or could possibly), cause insult, offence, intimidation or humiliation;
  • is defamatory of or threatening to any person;
  • is offensive, obscene, criminal, discriminatory, derogatory;
  • promotes or incites hatred or violence;
  • is disrespectful or uses language which in our sole opinion is offensive (use of any swear word is absolutely unacceptable);
  • infringes the intellectual property rights of any person;
  • could adversely affect the image, reputation, viability or profitability of Carpet World or our business partners or suppliers;
  • is in breach of copyright or other intellectual property rights, or which invades the privacy of any person; or
  • discloses commercially sensitive, anti-competitive, private, or confidential information.

Monitoring of Social Media  

The Company reserve the right to restrict or prevent access to certain social media websites if we consider the content that is posted to be inappropriate, including but not limited to the type of content described above.

We may, at any time and without notice, edit or delete comments and posts, or temporarily or permanently block offending users. This may be done subject to the terms and conditions of the particular social media platform.

If necessary, we may hand comments and posts to the authorities in connection with a criminal investigation.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this policy, you can contact us as follows:

Telephone: 1300 502 427