Featuring a subtly variegated furrowed pattern, these multi-purpose tiles are stocked for a cost-effective solution for time sensitive projects.


Solution Dyed Nylon


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Solution Dyed Nylon


Level Loop Pile



Original attempts with Nylon were very tough and brittle. This meant that they did not offer a very comfortable surface, in terms of the plushness of the tiles. Attempts using Nylon to rectify this created piles that were thicker, but became brittle and strands broke often, creating problems for owners with carpet tile pilling. Small groups of pilled carpet fibres accumulated to create large "dust-bunnies" and also created a nightmare for asthma and allergy sufferers. Also, the complicating cleaning and maintenance necessary for the Nylon tiles resulted in reducing their life. To address this problem, manufacturers formulated Polypropylene tiles, made from a different formula of the same raw ingredients. In doing so they introduced fibres that were both durable and offered a level of softness / plushness not previously enjoyed. They also made the fibres more durable resisting breakage, and managing to allow fibres to bend and move rather than being brittle and snapping off.

Polypropylene Vs Nylon?

Carpet Tiles have been around in one form or another since the early 1950's. During this time there have been many different versions of manufacture, including using bitumen in the manufacture, Polypropylene and Nylon. The two most popular forms are solution dyed Polypropylene and Nylon. Coming in a variety of sizes, In Australia, the most popular sizes are 50cm x 50cm or 1m x 1m. The question remains why choose one type over the other. First, it is important to assess the backing of the tiles, whether they were punched to produce the weave, or if they have been hot-moulded. A lot of cheap tiles are on the market using foam and bitumen backings that are left over from old manufacturing processes, and have been proven to have problems with complying with the Building Code of Australia, and the requirements for disability access for pile height. Which is the better choice? Polypropylene or Nylon? There are a number of factors that come into consideration here.

Carpet Tiles Review

While typical carpet may be the most traditional option for your home, it isn't your only one. This review will show that carpet tiles offer an alternative. Carpet tiles do offer a difference, and this review will show why. Carpet tiles are a good option for the budget conscious; they are generally less expensive than broadloom carpet. You could fit out a whole house for the same price that it would cost to fill a bedroom with standard carpet. First home owners looking to build their first dwelling should see carpet tiles as a valuable opportunity to cut costs whilst maintaining modernity as well as style and fashion ability. Likewise, these benefits are of real value to rental property owners. Carpet tiles also offer the ability to modernize and create unique style and fashion statements with the use of the various different carpet tiles available in today's market. Carpet tiles offer different styles, textures and colours as well as different thicknesses and also different properties which are application specific. Carpet tiles can also be lifted up after installation pretty easily even after several years. This comes in handy when one wants to rejuvenate a room with different carpet tiles or simply want to fix old tiles that may have become stained over time. Tiling a room with new carpet tiles can be a brilliant idea if you especially have young children. Young children will often play with food; mud and Play-doh and easily make a room let alone the floors grubby and dirty. For this reason carpet tiles can be a good choice as to remove and install new carpet tiles is a simple task. Just remember to note the make and model of the carpet tiles that you used to initially install as it will be easier to find and replace the existing tiles with those model numbers. Some other important things to remember with the purchasing of carpet tiles are to make sure that there is hard floor underneath such as wood, cement or concrete flooring. There are carpet tiles that can be installed on a plywood subfloor as some carpet tiles have installed padding already but regardless, review the flooring in the room you'd like to install carpet tiles over to make sure the end result, is in fact, the desired result. Hopefully this review will have shown that carpet tiles are a fantastic option for all the above reasons. They're relatively cheap with respect to standard wall to wall carpet and they're far easier to maintain.

Soft, warm & quiet:

Soft to the touch, warmer and more energy efficient than hard surface floors, Carpet tiles naturally absorb and dampen noises. Either by themselves or laid with rubber insulating layers below, Carpet Tiles are an excellent means to insulate your room from both noise and the cold. Manufactured with 4mm Pile height to comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, Polypropylene Carpet Tiles are made to be softer than old fashioned Nylon Carpet Tiles. This modern fibre adds more sound dampening qualities and durability than the older nylon pile carpet tiles.

The end decision:

Deciding between Nylon and Polypropylene can be a difficult decision, especially when acting on misinformation and historical bias. The truth is that they are both equally valid choices now. The advantages of one offset against the advantages of the other. Now that manufacturing process of Nylon has been modified, they are both created in a similar fashion, and the only difference is the performance of them as flooring, and their durability and longevity.

Look and feel:

Both Nylon and Polypropylene Tiles are solution dyed to set the colour to the raw material at manufacture, hot pressed. They are manufactured in a very similar way and thus both stand on their own merits for usage. Both are available in a range of colours and styles, blends, tufted or looped. Whilst individual preference is naturally the largest factor in choice of colours and styles, side by side comparison is needed for factors such as feel underfoot, pilling, durability, resistance to stains and environmental factors.

Easy shipments & handling of goods:

Modular Carpet Tiles shipped in a box, allows for ease of handling. They easily fit into the boot of a car or van and are easily transported from Warehouse to your door.

Easy to install and maintain:

Installation is simple over existing hard flooring. Unlike Broadloom, no underlay or carpeting strips are required, meaning your Carpet Tiles easily install over your concrete or wooden subfloors. As long as its level and crack free, your tiles will give years of service. Glued down or using double sided Carpet Tile Tape, installation is relatively simple and can be achieved quickly and hassle free. When installing around existing fixed furniture, like office partitions, Installation can be completed very quickly, often overnight. This means no downtime or loss of productivity for your business. Maintenance is Simple, Quick, and Easy. Vacuum regularly, blot spots and spills as quickly as possible, then flush with cool water. It's that Easy. No special cleaning or chemical treatments required. On tougher stains, lift the stained tiles and take outside, clean with detergent and a sponge and most stains should easily lift out.


Both Nylon and Polypropylene are manufactured from oil based products, and thus manufacture costs vary dependent upon the cost of oil. Polypropylene fibres are manufactured to be smoother, whereas an ongoing problem with Nylon is that the fibres have deep wells (and dye sites) at the microscopic level. These holes become pooling locations for spills and stains, making cleaning very difficult. Both types of tiles are susceptible to difficult staining where oil based products are present.


No special tools required. A chalk line, straight edge, utility knife, and some of double-sided carpet tape or pressure sensitive adhesive is all that's required for a professional looking job. Save money for your renovation by choosing Carpet Tiles as flooring and then save again on installation by doing it yourself! We are always available to help answer any questions, or if you have a large installation, or just want someone else to install them for you, we have a number of installers available that can cover any sized job.

Low allergens:

Traditional Broadloom is often made from wool or cotton, and backed with jute and hessian natural fibre. This normally sits atop carpet underlay made from compressed fibre. Both of these capture and generate their own microscopic particles that easily build up and become airborne. In this way Broadloom can become a fertile environment for the build-up and dispersal of airborne particulate, which can aggravate allergies and asthma. Carpet Tiles on the other hand have a solid backing and require no underlay in most situations, thus removing two of the three causes of the build-up of allergen particles.

Design flexibility:

The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination to create your own unique designs. Whether it be creating coloured walkways, different colours for different divisions of a company, or just choosing colours to suit your lounge room, dining or bedrooms, the options are endless. You can choose to create a checkered effect, rotate through a whole colour palette, create borders, or even cut letters into tiles and put your company name or logo into your carpeting.

Ease of access:

Easy access to floor mounted computer and electrical outlets eliminate the need to disturb the entire carpeted surface area. Conventional roll carpeting does not allow this flexibility.

Stains, wear tear and pets:

In any setting eg: commercial offices, showrooms, exhibitions and residential. Carpet Tiles offer excellent durability and the flexibility to swap out worn, stained or damaged tiles. They are easy to replace in ones or two tiles or a few square metres should that become necessary. This is in contrast to damage to a broadloom carpet which often means expensive repairs or replacing the entire carpet. As high traffic areas wear down, carpet tiles can easily be rotated from low to high traffic areas to ensure even wear. In this manner, traditional areas that do not see much traffic, for example under furniture, or along walls, can be used to rotate these tiles to higher traffic areas, therefore extending the life of your flooring installation. Individual tiles can also be removed and are easily cleaned. Removing pet hair, stains and spills is no problem. Simply take out individual tiles and wash out those stains and spillages. Made from high quality Polypropylene, our tiles give years of service, and are easily cleaned when soiled. In contrast Broadloom requires steam cleaning or shampooing and often means having chemical laden wet carpet laying on the floor drying, which can give rise to mould growth and other problems whilst waiting for carpets to dry. It is also easy to remove and replace any tile that is damaged. You can buy a few extra square metres of carpet tiles and by and having spares on hand, replace damaged tiles. It's always worth keeping details of the colour and design name so replacements can be easily ordered in for you.

Why choose carpet tiles?

Carpet Tiles offer a flexible solution and allow a variety of design options normally not available in Broadloom carpets. Originally used in a variety of situations, Carpet Tiles have matured to be an excellent choice for use in Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications. Traditionally Broadloom carpets have been expensive to buy and install, whereas Carpet Tiles have proven to be more cost effective to buy and can often installed by the DIY user . Even with the use of an installer, Carpet Tiles can still offer a dramatic saving when compared to traditional Broadloom Carpet. This however, is not the only benefit when you choose carpet tiles over traditional broadloom carpet. Warm and comfortable underfoot, Carpet Tiles offer the strength of commercial quality carpeting, with flexibility of design and options to change and enhance your design and wear parameters.